If you feel like you’ve got another 20 years or so of life left in you, first of all, that’s great! We’re glad to have you around. But second, it means that you will likely buy an electric car at some point.

That’s because the United Kingdom today followed France’s lead in banning the sale of all gasoline- and diesel-powered cars and vans as of 2040. Volvo already announced that it would only produce electrified vehicles — hybrids or pure EVs — as of 2019, which is right around the corner. Frederik Dahlmann at the Warwick Business School told the AP that he is “confident enough that the industry will be able to respond within that timeline.”

Coincidentally, or probably not, an all-EV showroom opened in Milton Keynes in the UK today too. The EV Experience Centre doesn’t sell cars directly; it operates like the Go Forth Electric Showcase in Portland, Oregon, as a place for curious consumers to come see what this EV thing is all about. Maybe take a test drive. Maybe ask about ranges and charging infrastructure. There’s so much to learn, and dealers are totally dropping the ball.

At the Milton Keynes location, 10 EVs from major manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW, and Nissan are charged up and ready for a test drive. If someone is interested but still skittish, the EV Experience Centre will arrange for a week-long test drive, according to an Autocar report.

As ranges grow past 200 miles, EV technology is proven to be durable and safe, and charging stations become common sights, electric and electrified vehicles won’t seem so weird. Think of how weird we used to think the Prius was. Now Toyota has to create new versions and punchy colors to keep the hybrid stalwart on our radar. The same will be true of EVs as more countries take climate change seriously and demand that automotive companies step up their EV efforts.

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