Genesis, the new luxury brand from Hyundai, is introducing an augmented reality app for its vehicles today. The Genesis Virtual Guide replaces the brick of an owner’s manual that no one reads with an AR app for iOS (that’s your Apple phone or iPad). It’ll work with the 2018 Genesis G80 and G90 when they hit dealerships later this year.

Yeah, it sounds gimmicky. What’s wrong with paper? Nothing if you’re reading a book you actually like. But no one likes the owner’s manual. This app allows you pop the hood of your Genesis and point your iPad at the engine bay. On your screen, everything under the hood is clearly labeled. Click on something like the windshield washer fluid reservoir and the app will show you how to refill it. Click the dipstick and it will show you how to check your oil.

But the AR magic doesn’t end there. The app works inside the car to show you how to use the 1.5 million buttons in the center console. It tells you what all the warning lights mean in the dashboard. And you don’t have to find anything in an alphabetical index; you just look at the photo of the interior or exterior and click on the thing you want to know about. Bam. Information. It’ll even help you pair your phone via Bluetooth.



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