Those millennials are a murderous bunch, if you believe Twitter and Google’s autofill function in the search bar. But there are two things we know for sure about this cohort: they love avocado toast and hate cars.

The avocado thing could be up for debate, but a new LendEDU poll of 501 car-owning millennials says they do not hate cars. They may not love them, but they recognize that cars are necessary — at least for the next couple of decades.

Nearly all the respondents (93%) said owning a car today is necessary, and nearly 80% thought it would still be necessary in 20 years. More than 9 in 10 think their own kids will own cars.

Not that they’re super excited about it. Many people said that if they could turn over driving to an autonomous car, they would (42.5%). But only a fraction (17%) said ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft would make them give up on owning a car. Robots: 1, Uber: 0.

The LendEDU pollsters were skeptical that so many millennials claimed to know how to change their oil (67%) and change a tire (81%). These are pretty basic fixes, though, and even if the respondents weren’t shown how to do it in the family driveway, a half hour on YouTube would get you pretty far. Also, conventional wisdom says millennials are broke as a joke, so learning to change their own oil makes sense.

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