Studies show that for the most part, we find the navigation systems that come with our cars frustrating. (I’ve driven hundreds of cars over the years and can confirm that in-car nav is usually terrible). So we all bring our own nav, whether that’s a phone running Waze in the cup holder, or a device with Google Maps hooked up to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or even a dedicated navigation device from the likes of TomTom.

If you’re in camp TomTom, you’ll be interested to hear that they’ve partnered with TripAdvisor to make your next road trip epic—and hopefully easier.

TomTom already has 100 great drives planned and ready for you to use via the MyDrive app. The routes are organized by country or by type, so you can pick a historic drive in France or a coastal drive up Highway 1. And now, thanks to the partnership with TripAdvisor, you’ll know if that castle is worth a stop or if there’s a decent hotel along the way. You’ll also be able to share pictures with other travelers.

The only downside is that this magic won’t be available until October 2017, when new TomTom VIA 53 and TomTom GO MyDrive-compatible devices will be at retailers. The 2017 summer road trip season is already behind us, but that means you have at least eight months to plan for next year!

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