2019 Range Rover P400e silently creeping through the woods
2019 Range Rover P400e silently creeping through the woods

In September 2017, Jaguar Land Rover announced that all of its vehicles would be electrified by 2020. It’s taken a big, luxurious step in that direction this week with the announcement of the 2019 Range Rover P400e, a plug-in hybrid SUV.

Like all plug-in hybrids, the P400e has a gasoline-powered (or petrol-powered, for you Anglophiles) engine and an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. The batteries in the Range Rover PHEV charge up in a little less than three hours, and you can drive it for about 30 miles per charge, give or take, on electric power only. That’s probably enough to get you to work and back most days without using any gas at all. In a luxury SUV.

When it’s not in electric-only mode, the engine and motor work together and at the same time for a total output of just over 400 horsepower. The fuel economy, as rated on the European scale, is 101 mpg. You can expect something a hair lower when the EPA rates this PHEV, since they use a different cycle to test efficiency.

You May Never Work in Your Office Again

Because this is Range Rover, the P400e is crammed to the roof with insane tech. Do you need a 24-way power driver’s seat with 25 different massage programs? Who doesn’t! There are 17 different plug-in connections, including USB and household sockets, and 4G Wi-Fi for up to eight devices. This SUV might be better equipped (and more comfortable) than your office.

On a more practical note, when you enter your destination into the navigation system, the Predictive Energy Optimization feature uses GPS altitude data to figure out which route is going to make the best use of the electric motor and gasoline engine so that you use the least fuel.

Want One?

There’s no official price yet, but gasoline-only Range Rovers range from $88,000 to $177,000, so budget for the plug-in hybrid accordingly. And probably aim for the high side. You can place your order now, though, and the first deliveries will be made in late 2017, with most to reach driveways in 2018. —KHG


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