One year ago, I wrote a post about teen driving apps. Today, I have an update. There is an app that my son has been using that is very helpful. Bonus: it comes with supplemental information for the parent who will be teaching the teen driver (or reinforcing lessons they learn in driving school).

RoadReady is a free tracking app that records not just time behind the wheel, but the time of day, the weather, and the road conditions. When my son is ready to start driving, he launches the app and starts the timer. He stops the timer when he is done. RoadReady will maintain his driving log, which he will be able to download and take with him when he gets his license. That’s cool and helpful and one less thing on my to-do list.

It also will send me a Weekly Driving Review with updates to his drive time and interesting details, like the most active day and the least active day. What keeps teens and parents on their toes are the driving badges to commemorate things like the new driver’s first drive, a road trip, or consistently good driving habits.

Stomping the Passenger-side Floor Will Not Help

Nothing is scarier and weirder than having your teen get in the car and buckle up—and you realize that you have no idea what you’re doing. That’s why I like RoadReady’s  downloadable .pdf file, the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program. It’s the teacher’s manual for parents who are helping their kids learn to drive. Trust me, any time you can get a manual with this gig, you should pick it up. Heads up: RoadReady has state-specific manuals, so be sure you download the one that’s applicable to you.

The PSDP gives lessons from the very first steps of driving. You start with the vehicle  parked and you’re not even in it yet. Each step discusses the goal of the lesson, where you need to go to teach the lesson, and points to emphasize to your teen. It gives you a strategy and a process to help your kid get the experience they need. It also teaches you how to provide quality feedback in the moment (which is not shrieking “STOOOOOOOOOOP!” every time a light turns red). Read the lessons before you guys go out and practice. It will keep everyone calm and more focused.

Just because I can drive doesn’t mean I can teach my kids how. RoadReady will help me, and that is a great relief.—SL



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