Just because AAA is the oldest automotive organisation in the United States doesn’t mean it can’t get with the times. Thanks to a partnership with self-driving tech company Torc Robotics, it may even get ahead of the times. The two have teamed up to create safety guidelines for autonomous vehicles.

Specifically, we’re talking about AAA Northern California Nevada & Utah. This region is home to much of the autonomous automobile technology and testing that’s being developed today. It makes sense that if it’s going to be on public roads, AAA wants to be in on making sure it’s safe.

AAA Leading the Way

AAA NCNU has already partnered with the city of Las Vegas to deploy the public self-driving shuttle there. And it’s working with GoMentum Station, the largest autonomous vehicle testing facility in the country. And it launched a one-way car sharing service in the San Francisco Bay Area. So it’s pretty hip.

Torc’s expertise in the self-driving sphere is on display in its Asimov system, which has driven cross-country and been on public roads in 20 states. Torc brings the engineering nerdiness to the table, while AAA brings the automotive safety wonkiness. It’s a match made in geek heaven.

AAA has a mission to protect the interests of motorists and travelers, according to its website (and more than a century of doing exactly that). Protecting those interests in the next few years means setting the criteria for self-driving cars so that they can operate on roads with human drivers. But in the future, if motorists become obsolete, AAA could still be around, but with more emphasis on travelers — and maybe an extra “A” for autonomous.

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